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Episode 1
When the Sacred Flame on Mt Olympus goes out, panic ensues as the Greek Gods realize they have lost their powers, are stuck on Earth, and have to deal with life as college students!
The Olympians face their first "mortal experiences" - like deciding who'll clean the bathroom.  Meanwhile, Zeus tries to round up some old friends to help him with a hair-brained scheme to restore his powers.

Episode 3 - Family Time 
Hades arrives from the Underworld and Hestia rushes a sorority. Zeus continues to try to bring everyone together to get back to Mt Olympus. Athena finds a mentor and joins an academic club.  

Episode 4 - All's Fair
Ares consults with Aphrodite when he unexpectedly finds that he has fallen in love.  Without her godly powers of seduction, however, Aphrodite is having troubles of her own: her relationship with Hephaestus is on the rocks, thanks to her unfortunate habit of trying to seduce every other man she meets.

Episode 5