Production Staff

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Arik Beatty '10
Arik has a BA in Theatre Arts from Brown University. Interests include acting, directing, designing, producing and teaching. He is currently the Deputy Volunteer Coordinator at WaterFire Providence and works part-time at the Sandra Feinstein-Gamm Theatre in Pawucket, RI. Directing credits include: Romeo & JulietThe Comedy of ErrorsMacbeth, and The Last Five Years. Film acting credits include: The Circle (BTV), RiteThreshold. More info, including links to production photos and video, can be found at

Lyla has a degree in Computer Science from Brown University. She's dabbled in animation, screenwriting, and television production. Film directing/cinematography credits include: Adventure, Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!, not all who wander (winner of 3 Best of Providence 48HFP awards), Return to Sender
Lyla Fujiwara '10
Cinematography, Editing, Writer

Jeremy Kuhn '10
Writer, Assistant Director/Cinematography
Jeremy has degrees in Math and Linguistics from Brown University, where he also took courses in play-writing and film-making.  In courses and extracurricularly, he has created many film projects, most of which can be viewed on youtube or on his creative portfolio site.

Alice has degrees in Literary Arts and Biology from Brown University. Screenwriting credits include: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!, and not all who wander (winner of 3 Best of Providence 48HFP awards).  
Alice Huang '10
Rich Ellis '10

Mt. Olympus created by Arik Beatty, Rich Ellis, Lyla Fujiwara, Alice Huang and Jeremy Kuhn

Production Staff, Episodes 3 and 4
Executive Producers - Arik Beatty, Ben Jones, Ann Ford
Producer, Publicity - Ben Jones
Production Managers - Ann Ford, Abbie Popa
Set Designer/Location Scouting - You!
Props - You!
Crew - Your name here!

Production Staff, Episodes 1 and 2
Executive Producers - Arik Beatty, Lyla Fujiwara, Jeremy Kuhn
Producer, Publicity - Ben Jones
Production Managers - Ann Ford, Abbie Popa
Set Designer/Location Scouting - Emily Toner
Props - Rich Ellis
Fight Choreographer (Ep1) - Kevin Thomas
Crew - Stephen Doucet, Nicholas Sinnott-Armstrong
Color Correction Artists - Ann Ford, Emily Toner, Rich Ellis, Sam Eilertsen
Assistant Editors - Michelle Snyder, Fritzi Strauss
Production Assistant - Kathryn Linder