05.02.11 - Episode 2 is on Vimeo!
04.23.11 - Screening of Episode 2! Online release scheduled for Monday, May 2nd. 
09.12.10 - Check out the new episode pages! You can now find cast/crew info, scripts and videos on the Episodes page. 
09.12.10 - First full staff meeting via Skype! We're looking for new staff to help out!
08.30.10 - First meeting of the semester! Ann, Abbie, Ben and Arik talk about some stuff that needs to get done before filming this semester.
08.26.10 - All of Episode One is on Youtube as well as Vimeo, now.
08.25.10 - Rough Cut of Episode 2 finished!
04.04.10 - Mt. Olympus now has a Facebook page. Become a fan!
03.26.10 - Episode one done shooting! Well, except for one shot of Alex's hand.
03.14.10 - Begun shooting episode 2
03.13.10 - Party scene shoot! 
03.03.10 - We have officially begun shooting!
02.06.10 - Mt. Olympus has a cast!
01.31.10 - Mt. Olympus welcomes Ann Ford (Production Manager) to the Team! Episodes 1 & 2 now online. Also, check out the Audition Sides.
01.28.10 - Welcome to our newest Staff Members - Ben Jones (Publicity), Abbie Popa (Production Manager), and Emily Toner (Set Design/Decoration)
01.26.10 - Full Character Descriptions and Production Staff Descriptions now up!
01.25.10 - Auditions scheduled for Wednesday (2/3) and Thursday (2/4) from 7-10pm in Wilson 103.
01.19.10 - Mt. Olympus now officially BTV's newest series! 
01.14.10 - BTV Series Application submitted!
01.10.10 - Pilot episode draft is reviewed by creative team.
01.07.10 - Mt-Olympus.org is live!
01.07.10 - First brainstorming meeting for pilot and production.
10.10.09 - We brainstorm and outline most of the first season at Rich's house in Maine.
10.09.09 - Arik, Alice, Lyla and Jeremy discuss Mt. Olympus on the way to Maine and solidify premise.
09.03.09 - Mt. Olympus is first conceived.